Buccaneer Bay

Welcome to Buccaneer Bay......

Whether you are looking for some impressive islands or volcanoes, a stunning new ocean battle board, or even a brand new selection of professionally painted miniatures, Buccaneer Bay is your one-stop resource for everything!

OCEAN BATTLE BOARDS: From professional acrylic-based painted boards to polymer and resin boards, we can provide you with a choice of options to suit your budget. Standard sizes are 4ft x 4ft in two sections, with expansion boards as an optional extra. For resin boards, a choice of depths to suit budget can be arranged. Coastal terrain is included in all of our ocean battle boards.

ISLANDS AND VOLCANOES: With a range of sizes and shapes to suit your gaming board and budget, choose from a variety of options including fortresses, ports, cities and villages. All islands and volcanoes are carefully hand-carved from high quality styrofoam, moulded with professional scuptamold modelling compound, pro-painted with artist's acrylics, decorated with premium flocking and sealed with mod podge and acrylic adhesive.

MINIATURES: We provide a full miniature service, with everything from sourcing to painting, refurbishing, refitting and finishing at a professional level.

CUSTOM 3D PRINTED MINIS: Buccaneer Bay now has an in-house facility to design and produce new custom miniatures. Let us know what you are looking for and we will make it into reality!