Small and medium islands may be based on 2D terrain examples, or developed from scratch. We can design and manufacture any type of island and add one fortress to either of these sizes of island. Islands are constructed out of hand-carved styrofoam, carefully modelled with sculptamold, painted with artist's acrylics, strengthened with mod podge matt, decorated with premium flocking, sand and basing materials and covered with acrylic adhesive.


Our Volcanoes are generally much larger models and of a dormant variety with a resin/polymer crater lake on top. Volcanic islands are built up to height, sculpted, flocked and strengthened in a similar way to our small and medium islands. These islands are more expensive due to the quantity of materials.


Large islands are the pinnacle of our oceanic terrain options. Often custom-made, they can incorporate multiple features such as villages, cities, ports, volcanoes, hills and mountains, beaches, clifftops and rivers. Large islands are quite bulky and make stunning centrepieces.