If you want a particular model or set of models, we can assist in sourcing new, used, painted or unpainted ships. Using suppliers around the world and through online auctions we can offer a full miniature service from buying and professionally painting miniatures to complete refurbishment and refitting masts, sails and parts.


All of our miniatures supplied are prepared, primed and painted with professional artist's acrylics using fine painting techniques to ensure that the final product is of a high quality and finish. Gamers can then enjoy playing without having to worry about spending valuable time doing a home paint job on their fantastic new models!


Many miniatures, especially for older games or those out of production can be in a poor state, including missing or damaged parts, broken or missing masts and sails or damaged in some way. At Buccaneer Bay we pride ourselves on being able to fix such models and restoring them to their original glory.