The best value option available is a painted oceanscape board. Painted boards do not have any special water effects, however they are professionally painted with high quality acrylic paints which provide a suitably impressive wargaming surface for a great price. For those on a budget who want a wargaming board complete with coastal terrain, painted boards cannot be beaten.


All boards use the same sizing, however modular board sections can also be added to increase the overall playing zone size. Polymer boards are made with a clear and strong adhesive polymer mixed with a little isopropynol in order to produce an impresive ocean-like texture, look and feel. Although Polymer boards are much cheaper than resin they are not as clear or solid.


Epoxy resin boards are by far the best choice for realistic ocean water effects. These boards are relatively expensive and complex oceanscape boards, made with an MDF base using two 4ft x 2ft boards (or bigger if requested), which have been painted with high quality acrylics. Variable depths can be achieved using multiple pours. Coastal terrain is included on all ocean battle boards.